Make it even more beautiful!

In addition to a beautiful line-up of models, RIEJU also offers a wide range of original accessories to make your RIEJU even more beautiful. Because many accessories are interchangeable, the choice is enormous and you can even give your 50cc Supermoto or Off-Road the looks of a real competition machine. Fancy a different look? Grips, mufflers, wheels, caps, you name it, we got it! Ask the official RIEJU dealer about the possibilities. He can also assemble the accessories.

RIEJU Upgrades

Curious about upgrades for your RIEJU? Below just a small selection of the accessory range, for the complete range simply click on the leaflet and browse through the pages. For each model it is indicated which accessories can be fitted, but other options can also be realised. The official RIEJU dealer will be happy to give you the right advice!

Available soon.